More wonderful scenery on our journey from Erzurum to Kayseri and we were very lucky to have a cabin to ourselves the whole way. On the downside we arrived in Kayseri at 4:15am. After sitting in the station waiting room for the sun to rise we set off for the otogar. Arriving at the spot on the map where the otogar should have stood we were rather perplexed to find a large tarmacked area surrounded by a high fence. A passing dolmus driver must have noticed out confused expressions as he pulled over and nodded when I asked “otogar?” It turns out that Kayseri has a brand spanking new otogar on the edge of town.

Derinkuyu underground city

The scenery around Göreme didn’t disappoint. We spent three days exploring the bizarre landscape: taking in the churches and their famous frescos at the Göreme open-air museum, walking through the picturesque valleys and crawling through the underground city at Derinkuyu.

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