Dorset and River Cottage

River Cottage Autumn Fair

We were very lucky that our camping trip to Dorset coincided with a beautiful later summer’s weekend.

As well as visiting the River Cottage Autumn Fair for the birthday of Hugh’s biggest fan. We also enjoyed walking, a spot of mackerel fishing off Lyme Regis (and cooking the spoils), eating too much and sampling some of the local ales and rather too much of the local cider.

3 Responses to “Dorset and River Cottage”

  1. Fiona Stephenson Says:

    Wondered where you had got to. Dorset looks wonderful as ever. I used to go to Weymouth at Easter for about 10 years on the trot & the feeling of escape (I was living near London at the time) is captured perfectly in your photos.

  2. Simon Woodman Says:

    Do you know that there is a typo in the title?

  3. Matthew Says:

    I do now. Ta.

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