Little Gruff


Gruffydd “Gruff” Planchant born this morning, August 3rd 2010, at 2:19am, 3300g.

Mother and baby both doing well except for Gruff’s sore head and Rhian’s lack of sleep.

For those wondering how “Gruff” is pronounced, it’s just the same as Griff.

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  1. colin qigley Says:

    Fantastic news.
    Just in case it’s another caption competition;
    “Gruffydd was really pleased with the name his parents had given him and could’nt wait to get to school.”

  2. mam p Says:

    rhian looks knackered. Can’t wait to see you all. so excited x x x x

  3. JIM Says:

    congratulations to you both! we celebrated the birth of the wonderfully named Gruffydd by cuffing West End by 40 runs. a suitable entrance to the world for the next welshman to play cricket for england.

  4. SUE THOMAS Says:


  5. Karen Levent Says:

    Cutey! Love the name hehe!
    Lots of love to you all, and hope to see you soon xx

  6. irene and mike Says:

    Congratulations and best wishes to you all, including Granny Pam!!!
    Hope he will not give you many sleepless nights. Looking forward to seeing you all sometime. xxxxx

  7. Lucy Higgins (Hopkins) Says:

    Congratulations! Wishing you days filled with fun and nights of restful sleep! Lucy x

  8. sarah griffiths Says:

    Oooo my God! Congrats both!! Beautiful name!! Hope your all ok! Well done Rhi! XXXX

  9. Steven Payne Says:

    Uncle Geraint excitedly told me the news. Congratulations! Hope you all have lots of fun. xxx

  10. Geraint Says:

    Have never felt more avuncular. Still haven’t decided how I would like to be known. Do I get a say in that, or do you decide? Excited about seeing Gruff soon!

  11. Chris Thomas (sue sis) Says:

    Congratulations to u both, now that little man will start to rule the household but it is a fab experience (hpe he doesn t follow his dad with the sleeping pattern though lol)

    Chris, Rob, marcus & Luke

  12. The Garnetts Says:

    Hi Matt & Rhian
    Congratulations to you both and welcome to the world Gruffydd. Lovely to hear your fabulous news, hope you are all doing okay. Hope to see you all next time you are home (Pontlliw). He looks soooo cute, but if he is as noisy as you Matt you are not going to get much sleep.
    Lots of luv and Best Wishes to you all. xxxxx

  13. Lucy Edwards Says:

    Congratulations both of you, he looks lovely! Look after yourselves and little Gruff xxxxx


    Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy. Little boys are so gorgeous! Love the name – a real strong Welsh one! x

  15. Lisa Hills Wilson Says:

    Congratulations to you both, Gruff bach looks gorgeous. Hope you are enjoying the early stages of motherhood it does get better when you are allowed more sleep, I am still waiting and the eldest is nearly 5!!! only joking 😉 x x

  16. Sami Hanna Says:


  17. Katie Says:

    Hi both….

    I cannot believe that I just checked my emails to find out that my little boy has been born and I had no idea. I am DEVASTATED!!! Rhian, you did so so well even though you look totally wrecked babe and Math, you look ever so proud but I think proudest goes to grandad Alan!!!!

    Rhi, please text me your address so that I can send a parcel up or are you coming home soon so I can have a squeeze of my little man.

    Congratulations Both and welcome to the world Gruff, I love you already xxxxxx

  18. Ann Says:

    Great pics of Gruff ,he is so handsome ,congrats to you all .Rhian please tell your mum that we think he looks like her .Take care love to you all from the LLanelltyd cousins xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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